The McOrmond Clans

   As there are literally hundreds of us to keep track of, the task of writing an up-to-date profile for each and every individual would be nearly impossible. Some folks are less eager - some too busy - some feel they don't have a lot to say about themselves, etc... the reasons are endless. And unfortunately, we live in a post '9-11' world. Those living are (generally) not included here. So, if you'd like to be included, let me know - I'll be MORE than happy to oblige!

   Despite this, and in the spirit of being as complete as feasible, I have taken everything into account and and have sectioned a small part of it here. I have come to the conclusion that the single greatest thing folks do want to know is about the clans from a "forefather" perspective.

   So, without further adieu, I give you a collection of some of the more family-factual info, along with some pictures passed along - combined in what I refer to as: TGP Profiles. Contributions by family members is incredible! I thank each and everyone one of you for your help!

John McOrmond
William McOrmond
James McOrmond
John S. McOrmond
Henry McOrmond
   Clan of Henry McOrmond
William M. McOrmond
   Clan of William M. McOrmond
John James McOrmond
   Clan of John James McOrmond
William John McOrmond

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