Robert A. McOrmond Jr.
Updated: May 2008

   · Systems Analysis & Requirements Definition
   · Software Design
   · Applications Programming
   · Test Integration
    · Database Administration
   · Software Administration
   · Technical Systems Support
   · U.S. Government Security Clearance

2007-Present – Universal Staffing – Contractor to Sikorsky Aircraft, Shelton, CT O&R

   · Database Programmer / Systems Analysis
   · Currently working with various levels of management, to develop and maintain Systems Development databases and toolsets for the Sikorsky Overhaul and Repair facility.
   · Utilizing acquired models, assist in developing strategies used in various levels of data mining. This also involves deployment of a wide range of (Microsoft) office suite tools available for end user.
    · Implementation of diverse reporting methodologies used to embellish productivity, as well as enhance pre-existent operations.
    · Assist in programming strategies for various operations used in Performance Based Logistics.

2006-2007 – Cablevision Inc.
   · Technical Support Specialist – Internet/VoIP Connectivity
   · Assist in troubleshooting modem connectivity using tools/applications for high-speed internet subscribers. Includes rebuild/reset of IP for operating Systems, configure/Enable DHCP, DNS Server Issues, RF signal levels related to connectivity.
    · Assist in troubleshooting VoIP modem connectivity using tools/applications for Voice-over-Internet Protocol for digital phone subscribers.
   · Setup of modems, routers, splitters and firewalls. Provide hands-on/phone technical support. Configure user’s Cablevision account, create/setup/configure email accounts and web browsers – Windows/Macintosh/Linux operating systems.

2005-2006 - The Arc of Oneida-Lewis Counties - NYSARC
   · Computer Support Specialist - Database Programming
   · Database Programming – Financial Management - Assist in creation, development, review and update of multiple Relational Databases used by The Arc Agency, Financial Management in Access and SQL formats. Many of these deal with information of people with disabilities. Included is handling of sensitive information, specifically client based.
   · Support Specialist - Assist in various Information technology processes, including Network Support and System backups

1999-2005 - L-3 Communications Government Services, Inc.
   · Computer Scientist
   · United States Border Patrol (USBP) - Assist in development, review and update of Database used by Department of Homeland Security: United States Border Patrol (USBP).
   · JPL/RLSTAP - Assisted in JPL/RLSTAP Space Based Radar project simulations and reporting which provide user with representations of signal data used for performing radar system analyses.
   · AGILE - AGILE projects include design and implementation of Web tools and multimedia user interfacing
   · CFX - CFX2 - Cyber Forensics Experiment (and 2001) - CFX was an experiment using a virtual setting where Forensic Technologies were evaluated for their utility in the information assurance arena. CFX2 was continuation of eCrime experiment - array of effective forensic tools as prescribed by project, and customer needs.
   · International Conference on Electronic Crime (ICE) - Prevention, Detection and Enforcement - ICE Conference CD features keynote speakers, panel discussions, papers, and presentations highlighting the prevention, detection and enforcement of electronic crime through various multimedia profiles.
   · SUNY-Workshop - The SUNY - Workshop project, in combination with the ICE-CD, included the development of a user-friendly interface containing various presentations from the Workshop through the National Law Enforcement & Corrections Technology Center - Northeast Region (NLECTC-NE) Electronic Crime Program.
   · Jigsaw - Client/Sever SQL Website for Proposal Administration - Jigsaw Website is the tool developed to include the submission of proposals (evaluation and review), registrations and file uploads for Web Surfers.
   · WBT - Web Based Tools - Web Based Tools is the tool framework developed to manage various types of database relational data for Web Surfers.
   · ETS - Event Tracking System - The Event Tracking System (ETS) is a 32-bit Client/Server system intended for use in tracking events related to software maintenance of forensic projects using Microsoft Access/SQL Server.

1996-1999 - IIT Research Institute
   · Computer Technician
   · PM Mortars/Small Arms - Picatinny Arsenal
As a Programmer, responsible for assistance in development of multi-user systems to demonstrate potential improvements to be gained through process reengineering at the program management Office for Mortars at the Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. A 32 bit Client/Server system (originally 16 bit, upgraded) intended for use in tracking financial program events related to software maintenance using Microsoft Access/SQL Server as Data Source. These processes included the improvement of workflow control, as well as cost management, and cost reduction

   · Optimum Feedback
Optimum Feedback System is a design that is to become a featured commercial problem solving tool used by world wide commercial clients as well as IITRI engineering and technical staff in order to collect, analyze, distribute, and act upon key issues within their business enterprise. Includes the manipulation through programming code of various modules and platforms to target a customer base accessible through the Internet/WWW community
    · PMC – Project Management/Control
Programmer for the Project Management/Control (PM/C) - a 32 bit Client/Server system which is intended for use in tracking financial program events related to software maintenance using Informix/Microsoft Access/SQL Server as Data Sources. PM/C provides problem identification, description, assignment, POC, solution description, abilities to add, update, delete, etc., using various data control methods. It has been implemented in several applications including the concurrence with the BMS Maintenance Effort. With its ability to generate reports through the Crystal Report Writer, it has become a useful tool for data/financial records tracking.
   · IITRI Staff Planning Tool
Staff Planning Tool is used for staffing budget projections for past/current Fiscal Years. Originally designed in 16-bit Visual Basic, the program has been updated to work in a 32-bit/Win 95 environment, using Client/Server system configuration, as well as the generating of reports through Microsoft Excel.
    · SIDAC – Web Site
Development of SIDAC Web. This technical information site was further developed as an enhancement using pre-existing design including customer interface and interaction (Wright-Patterson A.F.B.). As a recent procurement by IITRI, integration with other IACs for more diverse support became imperative.
As a Programmer/Technician, my responsibilities included MIS involvement in software/hardware development for the AMPTIAC/IAC Project. Assistance in the creation and functionality of various coded pages/documents for the accessibility of records, communications, contacts, and product information. Inventory control and complete set-up of systems used to perform the tasks needed for said IAC including configuration and maintenance.
    · Delphi Project-FMEA
Involved in programming for Delphi Project. Creation and involvement for FMEA software development - coding for interaction amongst various software applications including Visual Basic, MS Word, MS Access, MS Power Point, and MS Excel.
    · Misc. Tasking
Assistance in installation, upgrade, and maintenance of various interactive systems throughout IITRI-net in Rome, NY., including various software/hardware applications.

1988-1996 - Aerosonic Corporation
    · Information Systems Coordinator (MIS)
    · Experienced in working with computers in multiple venues including Network Administration, Systems Development implementation, set-up and configuration, and Systems Components upgrade and repair.
    · Expertise applied to all facets of LAN. This includes compete maintenance of network, purchasing, installation and application of all software and hardware for 75 user workstations in an environment using Novell/DOS/Windows.
    · Implement Electronic Data Interconnectivity for the transactions of procurements and select sales orders.
    · Established software metering for licensing and usage
    · Research and Development Technician
    · Designed and maintained Air Data Calibration Test equipment and flight simulation instrument packages.
    · Calibrated and maintained various models of pressure gauges and test equipment for commercial and military applications.
    · Programmed and integrated EPROM technology.
    · During the period of employment at Aerosonic, I maintained a personal business for Electronic repair and service known as Sidcomm (Florida State Op. Lic. # 073386-5).

1989-1990 - G.T.& T. Engineering (interim)
    · QE Consultant
    · Creation and design of matrix used for Quality Engineering in the applications for various metallurgical/chemical processes, plating, and manufacturing.
    · Personally changed many methods that drastically reduced scrap and salvage.
    · Responsible for insuring reliability in record keeping as well as an aid to engineering and plant management.

1987-1988 - Sikorsky Aircraft
    · Quality Control Associate
    · Inspection and certification of various components used for helicopters including government/military, commercial applications.

1989-1990 - Precision Sensors Inc.
    · Quality Control Leader/Machinist
    · Developed comprehensive knowledge in usage of special equipment as well as certification and calibration of aforementioned with knowledge applicable to MIL specs, blueprints, schematics, etc., as well as a thorough understanding of various alloys and metals.

    · Graduate of St. Petersburg Junior College with high honors – A.S. Computer Information Systems Analyst
    · Student Utica College of Syracuse University – Undergraduate - Computer Science in Criminal Justice
    · Certification for Java Scripting Methodology through Rockhurst University Continuing Education
    · Certification for HTML Authoring & Design through Rockhurst University Continuing Education
    · Certification for Intermediate and Advanced programming in Visual Basic through Application Developers Training Company
    · A+ Certification for Hardware and DOS/Windows environment through Sylvan Institute
    · Certification through Pinellas County Technical College for Upgrade and Repair of Computers
    · Attendee to Center for Degree Studies for degree in Scranton, PA for Mechanical Engineering
    · Attendee to Citrus College of Azusa. CA for Statistical Programming and Numeric Control
    · Attendee to special classes through work sponsored implementations including: Principles of Geometric Tolerancing, Electrostatic Testing, and Thread Inspection and Gauging

    · Phi Theta Kappa
    · Received award from the U.S. Government for design and fabrication of components used on NASA Space Shuttle.

    · IBM PC/Compatibles, HP, Novell Netware, Macintosh
    · DOS (all versions), Windows (all Ver through Vista), Windows NT 4.0SP5, Novell Ver. 2.2 - 4.0, OS2, and UNIX
    · Database Management - Microsoft Access, Informix, dBase III/IV/V - Microsoft SQL Server - SQL for Windows, SAP

    · Visual Basic, VBA
    · ASP
    · HTML
    · C, C++
    · DOS
    · COBOL
    · JAVA
    · J-Scripting
    · XML
    · MASM – (DOS/Windows)
    · Spanish (read/write)

    · Author & Collaborator/Registrar - McOrmond Family History & Genealogy
    · Consultant - Family History Center - Woodbridge, CT
    · Former Website Developer/Registrar - Rome Genealogy Society, New York
    · Connecticut Society of Genealogists
    · Naugatuck Valley Genealogy Club